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Let's bring your California garden to life through our drought tolerant plant and gardening solutions.

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Yes, you can have a beautiful waterwise landscape in Northern California.

California drought tolerant plans, waterwise landscaping, low water landscaping, and water-efficient landscaping are essential considerations for creating an environmentally sustainable and visually stunning garden. By consulting with a garden designer, you can incorporate these principles into your garden planning process to not only conserve water but also to thrive in California's unique climate. A garden consultant can guide you in selecting drought-tolerant plants that are well-suited for low water landscaping, ensuring that your garden remains vibrant while being water-efficient.

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I'm Sarita, your Califoria drought tolerant gardener!

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I have been a gardener for almost all of my life, starting with tomato plant seedlings as a wee toddler. Throughout my teenage and adult years, I have been growing things in pots or in the ground and watching in wonder and delight as they blossomed. I minored in botany in college and developed a keen knowledge of plants, supplementing my enthusiasm by visiting gardens both local and global. Now, with a garden of my own, I enjoy planning new areas and trying out new plants to test in my zone. I am a continuous learner and have several horticultural credits under my belt. I am also certified in dry garden landscape design. My passion is to garden with California drought-tolerant plants that use less water to grow but attract birds and bees, thereby improving our environment.

I hope to bring this same enthusiasm for waterwise landscape into your garden space with you. Call me at 707-892-0851 so we can plan your dream water-efficient landscaping with drought-tolerant gardens in California!

What are the advantages of employing a drought tolerant garden consultant?

​Consulting with a garden designer should be the first step in your garden planning process to help you find focus and direction in your garden.

A garden consultant will advise you on designing your plantings so that they look like they were placed there intentionally to complement your garden style.  Garden consultants advise on plant selections that will work in your zone, so that your plants have a better opportunity to adapt. I will help you choose plants that will thrive in your specific microclimate around your home.

I can help you design a space that looks lush without using copious amounts of water for irrigation.  ​We offer reasonable rates. Connect with me today to plan your dream garden!

Do you need help with potted plants? Virtual appointments are available for tips and advice on your specific needs.

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Drought tolerant gardening in Northern California

Incorporating waterwise landscaping practices can significantly reduce water usage while maintaining a beautiful and functional outdoor space. A knowledgeable garden consultant can provide expert advice on designing a garden that embraces water-efficient landscaping techniques, allowing you to enjoy a lush and thriving garden without excessive water consumption. Whether you are looking to create a sustainable garden that flourishes in arid conditions or seeking ways to reduce your environmental impact, a garden consultant can offer tailored solutions to suit your specific needs.

With the escalating concerns about water conservation in California, the importance of implementing low water landscaping strategies cannot be overstated. Through the expertise of a garden consultant, you can explore innovative approaches to garden design that prioritize water efficiency without compromising on aesthetic appeal. By integrating California drought-tolerant plans into your garden design, you can contribute to sustainable water usage practices while cultivating a visually captivating outdoor environment.


After drought tolerant gardening in California


Before drought tolerant gardening in California
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Creating your water efficient garden oasis

By collaborating with me, we can work together to design and implement a custom drought-tolerant garden plan tailored specifically to the unique climate and environmental conditions of Northern California. I can provide expert guidance on selecting the most suitable native and adapted plant species, creating efficient irrigation systems, and incorporating sustainable gardening practices to help you achieve a thriving and water-efficient garden. Together, we can explore innovative design ideas and practical solutions to ensure that your garden not only withstands dry periods but also flourishes with minimal water resources. With my assistance, you can confidently embrace the beauty of a drought-tolerant garden while contributing to water conservation efforts in Northern California.

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Let's revitalize your garden!

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